My name is Christiana Milan and welcome to my blog! I will be sharing with all of you a little glimpse into my college life, friendships, relationships, new hair and makeup items (and hopefully tutorials…coming soon). Today, I would like to give everyone some insight on myself. So, let’s start off with a few facts…

  • I’m 19 years old
  • I’m a sophomore in college
  • My major is Communications with a focus in Broadcast News
  • I started talking at an early
  • I’m from Chicago
  • My favorite color is pink
  • I’m addicted to hair and makeup products
  • Photography is one of my hobbies
  • I don’t really have favorite “songs”, but I have several favorite artists. They are: Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Ari Lennox, H.E.R, Syd, Jhene Aiko, Khalid, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Drake, & Migos…to just name a few.

I can’t wait to begin my blogging journey with you all! Thanks for reading xo.



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